Bohemian House: The Artisan

Sarah and I were featured in The Artisan today which is a series that profiles the different artists that helped bring the restaurant to life. It has been a real pleasure to be a part of this project.

See the link to the artisan here:

See the videos we made below.

BOHO Presents: Chef Jimmy Papadopoulos from BOHO on Vimeo.

BOHO Chicago: Coming Summer 2014 from BOHO on Vimeo.

Building Bohemian House from BOHO on Vimeo.

Among the Dead

This one sure turned out to be a challenge. A while back I got the chance to DP a music video for a talented friend Kelly Condron. We had a great choir and a great venue on a big stage in a church in the suburbs. I was really excited to use the stage’s extensive lighting board to craft a certain look. But. There is always a “but” on set. The church would not give us access to their light grid. Sad times. But (this one is a positive) it was fun because it created a challenge.

We had to lightt the whole stage with a spotlight and a small Mole Richardson lighting kit which certainly wasn’t enough light (or was it?). We used my Dana Dolly and Zeiss lenses and my hacked Panasonic GH2. I got to work with a great director in Jake VanKersen and had a lot of good friends around during the day

Give it a watch. It is really enjoyable. And if you dig the track, buy Kelly’s music.

Superbowl Party Teaser

The Supes Supa Superbowl Party Teaser from Jason Gerber on Vimeo.

While cleaning up my house in preparation for our big Superbowl party, I had this idea for a teaser video to promote the party rolling around in my head the whole time. I finally convinced myself to do it and it was totally worthwhile. The result? An eighteen second video that really makes no sense and is rather silly. However, I thoroughly enjoyed pulling out my dolly and editing and finding music and sound effects for it.

That is the purpose of this blog actually. It is a space for me to share the little side projects, the works in progress, and even the silly ones that I feel slightly embarrassed about (like this one). This blog is an important space to me because I can share just about everything I work on. I used keep things real private because I wanted to get everything just right before I shared it. I only wanted to share my best projects at the exact, “right” moment but it is so very freeing to just be able to put out all kinds of work in all different stages. And that is what I have decided to do. When I look at it, that decision is what actually enabled me to this. If I didn’t have a space to share it (every filmmaker wants and audience) I would not have even bothered.

There is a book called the War of Art. In it the author describes this force called resistance. We as artists all feel resistance. Resistance is that little doubt that says, “you don’t need to work on this,” ” your idea is silly,” “it is is not worth it” or “don’t bother because it’ll suck.” Why do we experience this? I don’t know but the artists who overcome it are the ones who succeed. And by succeed I simply mean they made a piece of art and that is hard to do. I imagine you will hear me talk about resistance often on this blog. It is something I have to overcome every time I even have a creative thought.

Fever Fever – Live at Heritage

Fever Fever – Live at Heritage Bikes – COMING SOON from Jason Gerber on Vimeo.

A while back Sarah Blue and I met a band called Fever Fever, randomly in one of Chicago’s coolest coffe shops, Heritage Bikes. Heritage is a trendy, beautiful coffee shop that also doubles as the storefront for the bicycle side of their business. Heritage makes beautiful, handcrafted bikes in Chicago and delivers all over the nation.

Our connection with the band was random to say the least but we befriended them quickly and realized that we wanted to film them playing an acoustic set. So Sarah Blue and I set off on the task of producing a concert as well as the video production for the concert. We decided  on a venue and could find no better venue for an acoustic set then Heritage, where we met them in the first place. Heritage was excited about the show and we were able to arrange an top notch crew of photo and video people to come out and film the event.

70 people. BYOB. An amazing opening act from Abbi Rajasekhar. 45 minutes of goodness from Fever Fever. Success. It is always so refreshing to be able to pull out my gear and put it to good use. It is always so refreshing to be able to make art and to combine various forms of art. It is always so refreshing to collaborate with other great people. Video and art and music are ways I connect and worship the Lord and this concert was no exception.

We are editing now. In the mean time, check out the teaser we cut.

This New Website/ This Old Blog is my new website. I have retired Thirty-Seven Films for now. I have found myself working and making images as an individual, as Jason Gerber, much more then I have found myself working under my company name and so I thought it was time to make a change. I have a website because it gives me a little voice in our online world. It gives me a place to gather and present all of my work in a cohesive way. It is an easy way for a client, or a producer, or production manager to get to know me and hopefully hire me. The strict separation of business and personal has waned  and honestly, I don’t want to maintain a company image and a personal image any more. I just want you, my friends, my clients, the people who hire me and the stranger who stumbles on my site to know me, not some created image that I might put out. That is why you can find me on facebook, twitter, instagram and of course blog entries all here, in one place. While getting coffee with someone is still the best way to connect with someone, more and more, the web is part of that process, so here is

This blog is 5 years old. Dating back to 2008 in fact. It has over 30 entries and has been moved from one server to another to another. This time is no different. What was formerly “Jason’s Blog” on the Thirty-Seven Films website is still “Jason’s Blog” except it now lives here. If you’ve ever read an entry, thanks, I hope it was enjoyable. If you look at the post below this, you will see it dates back to 2010. Its been 2 years since I have written a post. I plan to try again; to post better content, more often. Don’t hold me to the “better” part.

That’s an introduction to my new website and my old blog. Check back soon. I have a lot content to post.

Some Press about My Internship with Ron Howard

Over the summer, from about May to August, Ron Howard shot a film called The Dilemma. It is a comedy starring, Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Jennifer Connelly and Winona Ryder.

Through my connections at Columbia College and for my final credit towards my BA, I was blessed enough to be able to intern for Ron Howard during the show. It was a really great learning experience and a really great way to end my college career.

Anyways, if you CLICK HERE, it will take you to a Columbia College Chicago newsletter update that talks about my internship. Enjoy!